Blood Diamonds and Freedom Gold in Liberia

Blood Diamonds page 1 complete

Blood Diamonds page 2 complete
Blood Diamonds page 3 complete
Blood Diamonds page 4 complete (corrected)
Blood Diamonds page 5 complete
Blood Diamonds page 6 complete
Blood Diamonds page 7 complete

  1. Becca Kaufman said:

    This is fantastic! I’d love to see more of your work, please share more!

  2. toilettepress said:

    Thank you for reading! I’m working on more, but can’t say when they’ll be done.

  3. said:

    I always love seeing your work and this is no letdown. I like the footnotes validating your story, making it legit. It reads just like a comic, such a devious character and his pat Robertson ties make it so surreal, yet it happened. I’m glad they caught him finally, and I like the last quote you have him saying. Keep it up Brett.

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